Crew Vans & Vehicle Hire

Sometimes, a wheelchair accessible vehicle is only required for a short time. Procon Vehicles has a wide ranging rental fleet, available to rent on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Our wheelchair car rental provides the answer if you need to transport a person in a wheelchair on the odd occasion, on regular occasions, or even if you are uncertain how long the vehicle will be required for.

If you are waiting for a new wheelchair accessible vehicle to be built, why stay at home whilst you’re waiting? Why not get out and about by hiring one of our cars to take a wheelchair?


A crew van has many advantages as you can custom design your crew van to carry 5 or 6 passengers plus the driver. It can reduce the cost of having a second vehicle to transport your staff to work. Also crew vans can be used as a family vehicle and will have lots of luggage space in the cargo area ideal for the transportation of bicycles and all kinds of sporting equipment. Call Procon Vehicles to discuss your crew van fit out today.