Mini Buses

Procon Vehicles has established its name through bus conversions over the years, building mini buses from 8 seater all the way up to 24 seater buses.

Procon Vehicles offer free collection & delivery service on all vehicles

Bus Conversions


Procon Vehicles established our name in the wheelchair accessible mini bus range when we built our first wheelchair accessible bus back in 2005. We can custom design the bus to give maximum wheelchair accessibility and passenger seating.

We can design the bus so that seating can be added if wheelchairs are not required to be transported, and removed very quickly and easily when you need to transport wheelchairs and their occupants. Call Procon Vehicles today to discuss and design your new wheelchair accessible mini bus.

COVID-19 drivers/ passenger protection screen


 Side sliding power door that can be opened and closed by use of a key fob and also has a door hand trap safety feature which will reverse the action of the door to open immediately.

Click the video to view safety feature.