Cars that have rotating seats are most commonly used for those that have mobility issues or use a wheelchair to get around. A car seat that can turn or come out of a vehicle is usually referred to as a swivel seat and gives wheelchair users the freedom and independence to travel in a car with much more ease. Swivel seats come in a range of styles and functions depending on the vehicle and the purpose of the car seat. A car seat with a swivel function for wheelchair users can be added to a vehicle here at Procon Vehicles in Co. Kilkenny. We are vehicle conversion specialists that can help with driver and passenger adaptations. Here is our guide to swivel seats and the options available to you as a passenger or driver with limited mobility.

Types of Rotating Car Seats

There are a variety of swivel seats that you can buy for vehicles to enable turning for easy access and manoeuvrability.

Factors to consider when choosing a car seat include the design and materials of the chair, the purpose of use and whether you will require assistance when transferring into a vehicle. The industry standards in Ireland for swivel seats include standard swivel seats and swivel seat with lifts.

Standard Swivel Seat

Standard swivel seats turn 90 degrees or can extend out of the vehicle to drop down to allow a wheelchair user to transfer into the seat. These have a swivel base which allows them to easily turn or extend. A standard swivel in a vehicle can turn and extend manually with a lever or can be power controlled. Power controls are better for those people that want to get around with less assistance from others. Standard swivel seats can also be easily removed as they are mounted to the base, which is less of a worry if you would like to sell your car. Some swivel seats are made from memory foam, which provides extra comfort to drivers and passengers while on the road.

Rotating Bucket Seats

Other types of rotating chairs within a car can be bucket seats, which are better for full-body support. These seats have high backs and sides that come out to provide extra support for those that require it.

Rotating Car Seat Lifts

There is not only a standard swivel seat that stays in place but also a rotating seat lift which can make travelling in a car much more possible for many people. A rotating seat lift can completely lift out of the seat space in the car, come out through a door and lower down for a wheelchair user to access the seat without having to climb up or use more energy to get into a standard 90-degree seat.

Rotating seat lifts are also mounted to the original bolt, which means they do not cause damage to a car and can be easily removed. Rotating seat lifts can be much pricier than standard rotating chairs, as they usually require more power. Whether a person in a wheelchair is planning to sit in the back or front seats of a vehicle, a rotating seat lift can be applied where required.

Benefits of Using a Rotating Seat

Even if cars have been converted to contain features such as wheelchair ramps, lifts and lowered flooring, a rotating seat can still be a great addition to help those that need to transfer to a seat without struggle. Swivel products can help wheelchair users to have the independence to get out on the road on their own; if their car has a ramp or lift and a swivel seat, they can easily enter the vehicle and transfer to the front seat, ready to drive. A rotating seat feature on the interior of a vehicle can also provide additional comfort and support to those with little or no feeling in their legs.

Tips for Choosing The Right Seat

When choosing a rotating car seat, you should consider factors such as what you will use the seat for, the model of the car you have or intend to buy, the design of the seat, and your budget. You should also think about which way you require your chair to turn; will you be transferring into it from the back of your vehicle or from the side doors? Luckily, there is a wide range of seat solutions available for different budgets. You can also claim back VAT on some items for disabled travel.

At Procon Vehicles, customer satisfaction is high on our priority list, which is why we carefully listen to every one of our customers to ensure we can assist them in the best way possible. Wheelchair users with little feeling or movement in their legs can make use of a variety of vehicle conversions to give them the freedom to get around. Get in touch with us today to find out the options you have for modifying your vehicle for wheelchair use.