Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

Procon Vehicles will adapt your vehicle to make it wheelchair accessible by means of a ramp, lift or lowered floor vehicle.

Wheelchair accessible vehicles (also known as WAVS) are cars that have modifications that allow wheelchair users to enter and exit with ease. In some cases, vehicles can also allow a wheelchair user to drive from their wheelchair too.

A wheelchair accessible vehicle is ideal for those with limited mobility and makes life much easier by allowing those with disabilities the freedom and independence to travel around. Many wheelchair cars that have been specifically created by experts for passengers with a lack of mobility, but regular vehicles can also be converted for better accessibility.

Here is our guide to the different types of wheelchair accessible vehicles and the price of the different options available.

Rear Passenger Accessible Vehicles

Rear passenger-accessible vehicles allow a wheelchair to enter from the back, either with a ramp or lift. There is a range of vehicles that you can purchase from a dealer with either manual or automatic ramps which usually also require a lowered floor in the car. Rear passenger-accessible vehicles usually allow the wheelchair user enough headroom when entering the wheelchair accessible vehicle. Powered lifts can also lower down and allow the wheelchair user to access the vehicle easily and quickly.

Once the wheelchair user has entered the wheelchair accessible vehicle from the rear, they will be able to either stay in their wheelchair at the back of the vehicle or transfer into a rear passenger seat. To remain in the chair, mobility vehicles need seatbelt features that strap the wheelchair into place. Some cars have built-in wheelchair clamps that keep the chair in place while the car is moving. If the passenger wants to stay in their wheelchair during transit, they will also need a seatbelt to strap them safely into the chair. Alternatively, swivel seats are seats that can turn at a 90-degree angle and allow a passenger to move from their wheelchair into the passenger seat with ease.

The features offered by Procon vehicles depend on the body type, model, engine size and dealer; suitable adaptions can be made depending on the needs of the customer. Rear passenger wheelchair cars are extremely popular and can be relatively cheap in price compared to other types.

Front Passenger Wheelchair Cars

Front passenger wheelchair cars can be accessed via the rear or side of the vehicle. Entering the vehicle from the side works the same as from the rear; a ramp or lift will be required for the wheelchair to enter the car safely and easily. Passengers can either stay in their wheelchair, which will need to be locked in place while the vehicle is moving, or use a front seat swivel seat to transfer from the wheelchair into the front passenger seat.

Front passenger wheelchair cars can have less room than other conversions, as the back seats may need to be removed to allow passengers access from the rear or side to the passenger seat. Cars with access from the rear or side are also usually larger, with a bigger engine size. There is a range of stockists that can help you find a car with front passenger access.

Call today to discuss your requirements and we will be happy to offer our experience and expertise to make sure you get the best adaptation for you.

Internal Transfer Mobility Vehicles

Internal transfer mobility vehicles are similar in size to wheelchair-accessible front passenger vehicles. Instead of transferring from the rear or side of the mobility vehicle to the passenger seats, those with limited mobility can become drivers by moving from their wheelchair into the converted driver’s seat. The driver’s seat is not only available as a swivel seat but should allow the height to be adjusted to provide the driver with comfort and ease.

Some wheelchair accessible vehicles are ready-made for internal transfer use, whereas some may need a few conversions for the driver. Stockists can advise depending on the requirements of the drivers. Internal transfer wheelchair cars can be much more expensive than having rear or side access as they require more modification.

Drive From Wheelchair Cars

Drive from wheelchair cars are the highest in price to buy, but allow drivers with limited mobility a great deal of freedom to get around.

This setup allows customers to enter the car and drive straight from their wheelchair. Wheelchair accessible cars that allow drivers to control the vehicle from their wheelchair require conversion such as tie-downs to strap the chair firmly in place, ramps or lifts to enter the vehicle, as well as adjustments around steering and accelerating.

A limitation of products that allow drive from access is that it may not be possible for anyone else other than the wheelchair user to drive.

Procon Vehicles Modifications

Even in a company that has hundreds of mobility vehicles available to buy, they may need conversion to fit in with the customer’s needs. Our team at Procon Vehicles have the expertise to help you understand which modifications will give you the most freedom. Modifications include swivel seats, seatbelts and tie-downs, lowered flooring, hand control and left foot accelerators.

Our services range in price, so if you live in the country of Ireland get in touch with us to find out how we can help modify your mobility vehicle.

Popular Wheelchair Accessible Vehicles

The top five cars on the market for wheelchair users include:


Opel Combo Life

The Opel Combo Life can be purchased as either petrol or diesel with a number of modifications. It is modern and suitable for those with limited mobility.


Ford Tourneo Connect

The Ford Tourneo Connect has good flexible seating and space-saving that can make room for passengers with less mobility and can also be adapted for rear wheelchair access.


Peugeot Rifter

The Peugeot Rifter allows rear access with two sliding doors and a huge amount of space.

Citroen Berlingo

The Citroen Berlingo is ideal for families with space for a wheelchair passenger. It can come with a lightweight assisted ramp and lowered flooring.


Volkswagen Caddy Life

The Volkswagen Caddy Life can be adapted for wheelchair users in a number of ways. It has twin sliding doors and a four-point wheelchair restraint system.

You can get in touch with Procon Vehicles to experience one of these for yourself, to find out if they are suitable for your needs as a wheelchair user.

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What Funding Is Available for Wheelchair Cars Ireland?

There are Schemes available in Ireland for transport and disability purposes.

The best financial help for this in Ireland is The Disabled Drivers and Disabled Passengers Scheme.

This Scheme allows drivers to claim back VAT (value-added tax) and VRT (vehicle registration tax). You can apply for the Scheme online via revenue.ie. If you are eligible, you could also receive a fuel grant and exemption from road tolls and motor tax.

Here at Procon Vehicles, we have a team of experts that are experienced in adapting vehicles for wheelchair users in Ireland. Our workshop is located in Goresbridge, Co. Kilkenny, where our team carry out a range of customisations to make vehicles more accessible for customers.

The price of our services and products depend entirely on what is required, so do not hesitate to get in touch with us for a quote. We pride ourselves on our customer service so we are happy to speak to you via the phone on 059-9775994 or you can contact us here.